About Carolyn


This page is still very much under construction! I apologize in advance!

These these little guy, Buck 2003-2013, created a deep passion in me to begin to live my life cruelty free spurred on rescuing two more beagles and educating myself about the 96% of dogs in animal testing labs are beagles. For not being a “girly girl” I really do love playing around with makeup, hair, skin, and body care products. Beauty shouldn’t have to break your bank either. Come along with me as we see what terrific finds there are in the drugstores! Pinterest is a big inspiration for me in another passion- creating your own beauty products and household cleaners. I love making frugal and cruelty free products! I’m a shiny makeup newbie and will never claim to be anything else. I think that is part of the fun of this project- fresh eyes and a fresh perspective! Did anyone else know about this new thing called “primer”? lol. Plus, it’s taken me about 20  years to figure out my flat iron.

BUT! I guess you’d like some actual “About” bio? I’m Carolyn and I’m a born and bred GRITS- Girl Raised In The South- and still live in my North Alabama home town. I’m an unashamed chronic pain warrior after a back injury almost ten years ago. Recently I started freelancing online and of course this blog! I love anything that can turn full time life into easier to manage bite size pieces for me. I am married to an amazing man, Chris, and we are about to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary-crazy! I couldn’t have a better man. I mean the guy tucks the blankets in around me before he goes to work in the morning! Chris, you have been through hell with me and have always been right by my side cheering me on with a shoulder to cry on and literally carrying me when I couldn’t stand on my own feet. Sorry for the mushy stuff, but I just love ’em!

My goals for this blog are fairly modest yet fun and hopefully interactive. I want to share cruelty free beauty products I find or make- flubs and all. I hope to show being cruelty free isn’t a monumental task and doesn’t have to break the bank. We are going to have lots of fun exploring new makeup, fall under the influences of Pinterest for DIY items, and keep an eye out for animal right’s issues we need to discuss.

Wanna know about our fur babies? Check out the “About the Beagles” page! It will be updated more often with photos and silly life.



Work in progress!