About Chronic Pain & Illness


I am a Chronic Pain Warrior and it shapes my life in every way. At lot of writing is done in bed and most photos are shot in pjs and messy pony tail. I hope to give you all a little “in the life of” with chronic pain- when my chronic fatigue lets me. I fight on! Keep your chin up, kiddos!

I have debilitating chronic back pain- and all that comes with that- for almost nine years following a semi botched spinal fusion for a ruptured disc. My pain is constant, tiring, and unpredictable. I may have a “good” day (i.e. a day I pushed myself to my breaking point) and then I pay the price by being stuck flat in bed for 3 days. All the pain, stress, and anxiety take it’s toll on my system in the form of chronic fatigue. It’s like having terrible brain fog, getting the flu mixed with the day after a hard workout. My life will never be pain free, but it’s about finding the optimal mix of items -medications, rest, heat & ice, topical analgesics, massage- to get me to the lowest pain level possible.

What I’d like you to take away from this: My life is extremely different from the average 36 year old woman. I’m not always okay with that. But, I have found, and keep tweaking, routines and habits to make my life joyful and worth the daily fight. Flexibility. Flexibility. Flexibility! Some days sitting up in a chair for some casual blogging is much too hard. But, I hope to keep my content rolling, even if some posts are lighter than others.

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Having a lil lay down…