Cruelty Free- Drugstore Mascara Round Up: Waterproof Edition!

I recently joined the ranks of contact wearers! I’ve NEEDED glasses for years, but completely hated wearing them. I could never get adjusted to them. Even my chronic illness was a factor for going the contact route. I could wear contacts while laid up in bed a lot easier than traditional frames. It’s been about two months and it’s wonderful! I can finally read the Netflix show descriptions! It did mean a change in my makeup though. My eye doctor strongly advised me to wear waterproof mascara as any mascara that bleeds into your eyes degrades your contacts. It affects the longevity and comfort of the lenses. Okay! So building on my previous mascara review “Puppy Eyes! Product Review: Drugstore Mascara we will look at formula, brush, wear, and clean up!

As with all the waterproof mascaras an emollient makeup remover -whether coconut oil or off the shelf product- is the best bet. I generally just wash mine clean while I cleanse my face at night. It works well with most formulas and I’ll note those that needed more work.

I have always had a preference for waterproof mascara (and not having found it pulling my lashes during removal) so I set out to try as many as I could get my hands on! I found most of these at Ulta with the rest at Target. This round we have four mascaras, one waterproof topper, and for fun a lash primer.

*After struggling with them for so long, I have stopped applying mascara to my bottom lashes. I couldn’t keep it from smudging AND it accentuated my dark under eye circles. The nail in their coffin was all the debris they began to kick up in to my contacts. So, my assessments are based solely on top lashes.

  • Nyx Doll Eye
  • Nyx Le Chick Flick
  • Essence I Heart Extreme Volume
  • Klean Color Frameous Lash (Shop Miss A)
  • Nyx Proof it! Waterproof Mascara Top Coat
  • Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Lash Primer

mascara wandsA mascara’s wand can make or break it’s actual fomula in my eyes.  Top to Bottom: Framouse Lash, Essence, Le Chick Flick, Doll Eyes. Left: Lash Primer, Right: Proof It!



Nyx Doll Eye Waterproof Mascara

  • Formula: Moderately wet. Easily covers lashes. Second coat application can get clumpy if the first coat has dried.
  • Brush: Short traditional bristles in an hourglass shape. I found this difficult to use at first. Once I learned the knack it still takes several passes through the lashes to get a full coat.
  • Wear: The combination of the moderately wet formula and brush shape give lashes a spidery look, but in the very very best way. It doesn’t impart much length and the volume is focused on -well- doll eye section of lashes vs a single lash fan. No flaking or smudging.
  • Clean up: Moderate. Washes off with face soap. Typical effort with makeup remover.

Verdict: I love this mascara when I want the wispy defined lash look. It really defines the eyes in my opinion. This look is probably not for everyone or at least not all the time.


  • Nyx Le Chick Flick Waterproof Mascara
    Formula: Middle of the road in terms of wet or dry. Applies easily and quickly. Plays well with second coat applications. Oddly, it has a PLEASANT hint of dirt to it’s aroma. Just a hint!
  • Brush: Traditional bristle style modestly larger in size. Easy to use and coats well.
  • Wear: No smudging or flaking. I did not experience any drooping and would assume it would not loose the curl.
  • Clean up: Washes off quickly with face wash and soap. Removal with an oil style or emollient lotion is the best soap free method. While it requires wiping your lashes several times, tugging doesn’t seem to be a factor.
    Verdict: This is my favorite any time wear mascara! Definite repurchase!

essence wand

  • Essence I ❤ Extreme Volume Mascara
    Formula: On the wet side. You’ll need to take care to avoid transfer. Coats very well.
  • Brush: It’s like a Christmas Tree! Sheesh! I love how to applies the product and the volume it imparts, but you need to learn how to wield this little guy.
  • Wear: I have gotten smudges with this formula when I am wearing under eye concealer and have taken a nap. On a day to day basis it hasn’t been a big issue for me.
  • Clean up: This formula claims it is “pool party, gym proof” and I would believe that! It requires an oil/oil-less eye makeup remover and some patience to remove. My face wash doesn’t even budge it.
    Verdict: I’m definitely keeping this around! We’ve going to the beach in a few months and this is coming with me!

essence wear



Klean Colors Framous Lash Waterproof Mascara
Formula: Moderately wet, Applies well. But, smells strongly like sour apple Jolly Ranchers!? I have never had a scented mascara before!
Brush: This is another Christmas Tree sized applicator. It must be used carefully and with some trial and error!
Wear: Has a tendency to get smudgy onto the bottom lash line and transfers to bottom lashes
Clean up: I had to use face soap and water then oil based makeup remover.
Verdict: No! Too messy and it destroys my under eye concealer. I had to pick flakes our of my eyes! Super fun with contacts in. It ran all over the place and was still somehow still tough to remove!

kleancolor wear



Nyx Proof It Waterproof Mascara Top Coat
This is has a medium thick formula, but coats lashes easily. It really does turn in-waterproof into waterproof! I was worried it would destroy the positive aspects of a mascara and I haven’t found that to be true. I have a free sample of Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara- and love it!- and it helped seal in the curl & lift!



Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Lash Primer
This primer is a little tricky to use, but give lots of dramatic payoff! The main problem is the primer is white and it can be a chore to apply enough coats to conceal the white. You have to work one eye at a time because it you let it dry it’s nearly impossible to apply the mascara over top of it! Would I repurchase- yes! I really do love it!


It was nice to find a good selection of great mascaras! I hope you enjoy!

virtual hug



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