Dollar Tree Makeup? L.A. Colors

dollar tree eyeshadow trio


So is that makeup at the Dollar Tree even worth a buck? With a little guidance from my Shop Miss A hauls I found L.A. Colors to be great little palettes and cruelty free. Over a month ago I purchased the middle palette on a total whim- you know how shopping at the Dollar Tree goes!


This palette turned out SO WONDERFUL! I went back to see if it had any sisters! I purchased the two on either side! There was another palette that was mostly blue tones, but I passed on it. The quality of these little ladies is amazing! They perform just as well as any of my eyeshadows. Their soft and creamy in texture. The pigmentation is so great and if a certain shadow is a little sheer a second application fixes that right away. They wore without fading all day until it was time to go to bed! The twelve shades are well curated giving you the ability to create multiple looks- bold or simple. I’m just in love with these!

How about a trip to the Dollar Tree this week!

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