Makeup Geek: A Conflicted Review

For my birthday I knew just want I wanted- Makeup Geek eyeshadows! They sounded SO cool- the magnetic pans, z palettes, and making your own palette layouts. I put tons of research into picking my nine shades. I looked at an article that discusses the best MUG shades for green eyes, the most popular colors of 2017, and so many more! When they finally came I was so excited and they were so PRETTY! I ordered the travel vault palette to house my collection.


They are so bendable and most of them are highly pigmented. But… here is where I started to fall out of love with these colors. First off, row one are the rock stars for those neutral colors you need to pull looks together. Crème Brule is the work horse of my little palette. Even thought I always wear a great eye primer (Nyx Eyeshadow Base in white) and even set my shadow with setting spray patted on with a fluffy eye brush, the shadows still vanished after a couple hours. Most needed serious building up even when I was applying with my finger to my lid.

These photos are terrible, but I wanted to include some type of swatches.
These are built up brush swatches.

MUG shadows are good shadows- for certain people. I guess those people either want a light handed application or are true makeup pros and know how to whip these shadows into line.  I’m a strong pigment girl who is no were near a makeup expert!

The death knell in my fascination with MUG was after I purchased two of Nyx’s eyeshadow palettes. (Post coming soon!) I think my game plan is going to fill my vault with great matte neutrals for supporting the main cast.

nyx palettes vs mug


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