Friday Favorites: Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation

wnw photo focus foundation shell ivory

I know I’m like the last to the party on this fave! Not until two weeks ago was I able to get my hands on it! I could – and was ready to- order this directly from WnW, but I was so unsure of my shade. And shipping? All was saved by a chance visit to a magical CVS by my house. I’ve been a Walgreens girl so I’d never gone in there! But! They stock Milani and I wanted to check that out! They had a fully stocked WnW display! They had the THREE lightest shade! I had a CHOICE! Not just forced to grab the lighted shade and hope it matched! I picked up Shell Ivory that describes itself as “fair-neutral”. Well, that’s me!

This is truly a beautiful foundation and worth all the hype. It’s medium coverage that is very buildable – up OR down. Plus, a little goes a LONG way so I have to remember to use a light hand. I find I get a beautiful medium coverage with a brush and a lighter coverage with a makeup sponge.

Give it a try! πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

virtual hug




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