Review: Miss A’s AOA Studio Wonder Metal Liquid Lipsticks! 

After last Friday’s blog Shop Miss A, I hope you have caught some fever for them too!  Miss A also had in house brands- AOA Studio and A2O Labs– and I am further in love with their products. Most specifically their AOA Studio’s Wonder Metal Liquid Matte Lipstick!

I know this sounds silly, but I’ve been wanting a black lippie. On my first order I wanted to try out their liquid lipstick so I ordered one in black and LOVED IT!!!! A few days later I ordered these seven. Let’s reflect on the prices of transfer proof-COMFORTABLE-liquid lippies…. More than a $1!!! I stuck to the liquid METAL line because they’re more my ascetic than the Wonder Matte line.

The doe foot applicator is slim and perfectly angled. I love the amount of product is hold and lays out onto your lips. They do take around a few minutes to fully dry down and are pretty sticky/tacky until then. When they are dry the are kiss proof, drink proof, and I’ve found even light snack proof (non oily foods). They are super comfortable on the lips so much so I forgot I was testing then out the first day and wore it to bed! :O Oops! They remove easily with eye makeup remover or an oil like coconut.










So that’s my collection! Please excuse if I don’t look that lively or -well- put together. I’m getting over a minor back surgery this week and feel really blah. Getting a package of gorgeous lippies in the mail was a happy treat this week too. 🙂

virtual hug



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