A Conflicted Review: Adoria Silicone Makeup Sponges! πŸ€”

I think unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve taken note of all the new silicone beauty sponges on the market after Molly Cosmetic’s wet everyone’s appetite for something new in the makeup sponge world. I also think it’s a very polarizing topic on it’s performance. So when Adoria Natural offered to let me try out THEIR silicone sponge I was very interested!

img_7645-1I received two shaped and  I chose to test out the teardrop  for my foundations. My foundations ranged from two bb creams ( Nyx and Burt’s Bees)- one thinner and one fairly thick. I tested out a true liquid foundation (Nyx Total Control Drops), thinner formula (Maybelline Fit Me- I keep it around for testing out in tests just like this), and a thicker formula (Wet n Wild Photo Focus).

I tried out each foundation on clean, moisturized, and primed skin. The performance was all over the place! Some foundations just slipped around my face or just sat over my pores giving me weird texture. Other foundations it created a beautifully smooth canvas for the rest of my makeup! I was so confused and didn’t know what to think about this new tool. I was trying to find what it was about the good applications that was different from the poor applications. I actually had to just walk away from the testing and clear my mind. I get some perspective on what I thought!

But, here is the line up:
*Nyx BB Cream- this is a very wet formula and the sponge just rubbed it around
*Burt’s Bees BB Cream- This formula is almost sticky in texture and it was an okay coverage. I think if I powdered it I would have liked it, but that’s not the spirit of bb creams right?
*Nyx Total Control Drops- PERFECT! Beautiful! It didn’t soak up this true liquid formula and allowed me to use less product to achieve my light preferred coverage level without streaking.
*Maybelline Fit Me- Thinner formula, but not watery. Applied streaky and sat ON my skin emphasizing the pores around my nose and cheeks
*Wet in Wild Photo Focus- Thicker formula, but not like a cream in consistency. This worked fairly well. I think with another chance to practice my technique it will look even better. I went ahead and applied the rest of my makeup and was very happy with the results.

-Applying lotions-


My final opinion is that silicone sponges are here to stay. They are not going to be the silver bullet in terms of a “one and done” tool. I just thought about my foundation tools and why I reach for what and when. If you’re like me you’ve learned some products work better with a brush while others apply better with a beauty blender style sponge. My Nyx bb cream goes on best with y fingers for crying out loud! I believe silicone sponges do have a place in the lineup of beauty applicators. Again, you’re going to have to play around with it to learn how to apply  it. You’re going to have to find what products you feel it shines with. But, wasn’t that the case with most of your beauty tools? πŸ˜‰


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