Dollar Store Paradise? Shop Miss A Review!

I’m going to start a new series for Fridays titled “FridayFavorites”. I’m going to cover anything from new beauty to my favorite lunch spot that week. I think it’s going to be fun! This week we’re kicking it off with a BIGB fave!

What if the Dollar Tree store was cruelty free AND had wonderful cosmetics, fashion accessories, beauty tools and brushes, nail/mani supplies, and more! There is! I just found out about the online retailer Shop Miss A. Before I made my first purchase I watched SOO many YouTube videos to get a cross section of peoples opinions of the whole experience and see what products seemed to be quality or just a hot mess. There was so much positive reviews I was excited to give it a go! I love it! I just placed my third order actually If anyone is interested in another haul post- leave me a comment down below! Here is my first haul and what I think about my buys. Before I forget they have a flat shipping rate of $3.95 (7-10 business days) or you can go express shipping at $9.99 (3-5 business days). Orders $35+ receive free shipping.



*AOA Labs brush cleaning egg– love it! Makes cleaning brushes so simple.
*AOA Scrubby Facial Cleansing Pad– I’ve been using this since it arrived and my skin so soft! Works gently enough for my uber sensitive skin.
*AOA Wonder Angled Blender– aka Real Techniques dupe! Before the first hydration it was alarmingly hard! However, once you wet it for the first time it is a perfect dupe for the RT sponge. The only difference I’ve found is it expands to be a little larger, but that doesn’t effect it’s performance at all.
*AOAWonder Blender Holder– Finally an actual answer for where to stick your sponge to let the dry! It’s a funky silicone-rubbery egg cup that holds your damp sponge on it’s little tips and it drops down into the holder when it’s dry. It’s so cool!

Lil Wonder Blender & it holder doing it’s thing!

L-R: These brushes are kitten soft, pick up and hold product cleanly, and are high performance! I highly recommend each one!
*Eyebrow razor, 2 pc– nothing crazy amazing, but totally works!
*Eye brushes Hi-Def Brush
*E101 , flat top kabuki style- I use this to blending in concealer
*E102, angled kabuki style- Been playing around with this, but no special purpose yet.
*E103, rounded angled style- Works well for patting on all over color
*E104, rounded fluffy style- Oh my gosh is this amazing for blending! Also it’s great for crease work
*E105, domed/pencil tip style- This little guy is my best friend! I love it to pack shadow on the lid

*Bracelets- Stacked cuff bracelet, Tassel and Leaf Charm Bangles. These are of amazing quality and super fun to jingles are with. I’d go out on a limb and say better than the average Walmart purchase.
*Distressed jersey infinity scarf– I love infinity scarves! They are a great tool in my trigeminal neuralgia army. Guess who has tons of $1 scarves?? Mine is so soft and easy to wear! The length is great too.


*Pure Radiance by Cala Cucumber Sheet Mask– I haven’t used this yet because I am trying to clear up an acne breakout. I’m so excited to try it though! I’ve never used a sheet mask. πŸ™‚
(I head good things about KleanColors so I bought a lot from their line)
*KleanColor Eyeshadow Matte Trio in Clay– I thought this was a matte brown trio, but it turned out to be purple. It also is not very pigmented. However, it still makes a beautiful, subtle daytime look.
*KleanColor Airy Minerals Loose Powder Eyeshadow in Chance– This gives such a nice pigmented pop of color!
*KleanColor Ms Chick Blush in Rose– I’ve been on a blush kick. :p This looked shockingly pink in the pan, but on the cheek it’s very cute.


*Santee Brow Gel Mascara– This is my color and I didn’t order it. I also didn’t pay for it so… I’ve sort of made it work by wiping off most of the gel before combing it through my brows. It still doesn’t exactly look right.
*AOA Wonder Metal Liquid Lipstick in Rouge– I LOVE THIS!!! It’s such a wonderful formula- easy to wear, long lasting, and great pigmentation. I’ve already ordered 7 more metal lipsticks! Yes, I bought a black lipstick. ;P I’m a punk princess who loves some nice makeup!
*Klean Colors Madly Matte Lipstick in Heather– Fail. I was looking for a light purply pink and assumed “heather” mean the plant- not the 80’s movie! It’s like horrible pale rave baby pink white… The formulation is nice though…



And finally, I got a free gift! Makeover Essentials Contour Kit! Sad to say a) I don’t know much about contouring- more a bronzer girl and b) I’m so fair that 99% of kits are too dark/orange/yellow on me. I did use the bottom middle shade one time when I accidentally jumped right to my blush. I buffed it in right below the bottom 1/3 of the blush and hollow of the cheek and I loved it! However, when I pulled it out to do the same again a few days ago the product was crumbling out of the pan… I know I can fix it, but it’s not worth the work for just a casually used item.

My opinion on Shop Miss A? I think their hashtag #justhavefun sums it up perfectly. Don’t put crazy expectations on every item- it’s just a buck. The quality is there so I don’t think your just flushing your dollars down the drain either. Dabble around with things. Try a little something from all the categories that interest you. In the end I ended up with a weird lipstick I’ll never wear. For a 21 item order that was a good gamble.

Love and puppy kisses!


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