Pinterest How-To: Simple Brush Cleaning- Deep Wash AND Daily Spray!

Don’t we all have that dirty brush shame? We KNOW it’s important, but… you know. We’ve got a millions reasons why we don’t! I thought I’d offer up a few cool tips to help you get that chore done! *All my brushes are cruelty synthetic. Animal hair brushes require a little different care.

The first part is actually washing the brushes. I know just about every beauty store sells brush shampoo, but all you need is our good standby Dr Bronner’s in unscented variety.

I use this brush cleaning egg from Shop Miss A for a $1!

Mix a little warm water in a shallow dish with a just a few drops of Dr Bronners. Swirl your brush AVOIDIN THE METAL PART (FERRULE)!  You can also work it in to some white vinegar if you’re wanting some natural disinfectant. If you’re acne prone add a few drops of tea tee oil to the soapy water. The next step is to work the soap into the bristles being careful not to smash or grind them into the surface then repeat the process under running water until the brush runs clean and the bristles don’t feel soapy.

To protect the ferrule from the water in the bristles handing the brushes upside down is the easiest  way to dry them. Using coat hanger or towel rod, thread the handles through a small hair band. I hang mine on a lamp in my makeup room out of the way. *Part of my hesitancy to wash by brushes is I don’t have backups really. I have to wait for the brushes to dry- and that takes forever. Let’s be honest. Try washing them in stages. I plan out a day or two of looks I can use with a few brushes. Even better, looks that use your makeup sponge or fingers.

Daily Brush Cleaning Spray

 I just did all that work. How can I maximize my brush use to eek more clean days between full washes? I just started using a daily brush sanitizer/cleaner. It only takes a few simple ingredients.


Using a small travel sized spray bottle fill 70/30 of water and 70% alcohol leaving a little room for essential oils. I mixed this up a bit by adding a scant 50% water, 25% alcohol, 25% witch hazel, several drops of acne bacteria fighting tea tree oil, and a couple drops of essential oil mix to fragrance the alcohol odor. A lot of “recipes” called for a dash of conditioner or baby shampoo. I feel those would just lead to buildup of my brushes especially since they are synthetic.

After your done with your makeup, lightly spritz each brush and wipe it gently over a washcloth or paper towel until it come out clean. The alcohol will make your brush dry quickly and kill germs.

Here’s to clean brushes!

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