Thermal Protectant Review: Pacifica vs Shea Moisture- Fail or Find? *Bonus Maui Moisture Hair Mask Review!

Fun Fact- I got a few flat iron for my birthday! I’m 100% better than my old dinosaur 1 3/4″ sized model. I upgraded to a 1″ floating plate model that heats over 400 degrees with 30 settings. I’m not looking to kill my hair so setting 20 is just fine. Honestly, it cuts the time it took me to straighten my hair in half. I’m amazed with the  one pass results and the smaller wand makes getting the pieces behind my head so simple. But… All this heat needs some serious protection for my hair!

We’ve chatted about my hair before that it’s crazy naturally curly, but very thin as a result of an earlier illness. With all of those factors, I baby these auburn locks! I love to straighten my hair- it’s easiest for chronic illness and I think more flattering with the thinness- and I certainly work hard to minimize the effects of all that heat. I have been working on weeding out non cruelty free styling products and I was so happy when I could put the funds together to pick up Pacifica’s Best Day Ever Style Extending Balm! (Target $13.99/ 4 oz) a few weeks ago. I was excited I could do a review for y’all in time!

It’s really a BB cream for your hair and replaced two products for me. You apply it root to ends in damp hair or apply a little on try hair to smooth fly aways. It says “A 10-in-1 balm will help:

  • define
  • add texture
  • hydrate
  • soften
  • nourish
  • de- stress (huh?!)
  • heated protection
  • repel pollution
  • support curl
  • control frizz

From Ulta:($14.00/ 4 oz) “Pacifica’s Best Day Ever 10-in-1 Style Extending Balm not only smells amazing, this little bottle is a multitasking miracle that can make your style last longer in between shampoos & blow-outs! 10 in 1 benefits help define, add texture, hydrate, soften, nourish, de-stress, aid in heat protection, repel pollution, support curls and control frizz.  Infused with natural passionfruit & abyssinian oil.  Great for all hair types, and a true lover of curls.” How to Use: “Before styling apply to clean, wet hair focusing on ends. Air dry or diffuse. Can also be used on dry hair to add texture or calm frizzy ends.”

In theory…I really really wanted to love this product! But, I found myself once again loving the packaging and IDEA of the product- their natural vegan formulas, cruelty free stance- a lot more than the actual product. I found my hair was feeling gross and needing a shampoo more frequently. My hair wasn’t feeling as soft- especially my ends. I’m guessing it was too heavy for my lightweight hair.

full size shea
stayed tuned to learn why it looks like some is missing!

Long story short, I lucked out and found the couple week old receipt in my wallet and returned that sucker! I used those funds to buy a new cruelty free heat protectant- Shea Moisture’s Agan Oil & Almond Milk product line- Smooth & Tame Thermo-Protect Milk  w/ Marshmallow Root Extract & Cherimoya. (Target $10.99/ 8 oz) It’s got tons of great benefits!

Shea Moisture’s website says: ($10.99/ 8 oz) This multi-tasking, leave-in styling milk controls frizz, blocks humidity, improves the appearance of split ends and adds supple movement and shine – all while protecting hair against heat damage.” Usage Instructions: “Spray on clean, damp hair from 8 – 10 inches away. Comb through hair and create straight styles or sleek waves as desired.

  • Condition & Protect Fine, Frizzy, Straight, and Wavy Hair
  • NO sulfates, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, or petroleum
  • Argan Oil: “liquid gold” helps tame frizz, improves manageability, and and adds healthy shine.
  • Almond Milk: rich in protein and hydrating vitamins A & E, smoothes frizz prone hair for lasting sleekness.
  • Marshmallow Root Extract: detangles hair and creates a weightless anti-humidity coating.
  • Certified Organic & Fair Trade ingredients

First off this spray pump on this bottle is crazy! I actually purchased this exact product MONTHS ago and returned it after the pump on the bottle was “broken”. I thought! This new bottle doesn’t spray either!!! I ended up pouring off some product into a little travel size spray bottle and it works just fine! I do love the travel sized bottle is a super fine mist. I’ve got zero idea what THAT was about!

Maui Moisture Strength & Anti-Breakage Agave Hair Mask



I know it’s not totally fair to Pacifica, but when I started using Shea Moistures’s Thermo-Protectant Milk I started doing a Maui Moisture hair mask along with my regular conditioner every time I shower. It’s an amazing product!I let it soak in for the time it takes to scrub up in the shower. It says you can also use a dab of it as a leave in conditioner too.  It smells AMAZING! It’s hard to describe besides very fresh and tropical. It leaves my hair so smooth and is really helping calm down the dryness that cropped up during the Pacifica time frame. I got it from Target on the same day and it was on sale for under $8.


  • No silicones
  • No Parabens
  • No Gluten
  • No SLS
  • No Sulfated Surfactants
  • No Synthetic Dyes
  • Yes to Cruelty Free
  • Yes Vegans
  • Yes Eco-friendly
  • Yes Pure Coconut Water
  • Yes Pure Aloe Juice

“This creamy hair mask is infused with rich honey, hibiscus and pineapple oil. It’s gentle enough for the most fragile strands while helping to increase elasticity and helps strands resist breakage. Your hair is left tangle free with a healthy shine.As a deep treatment (In Shower) After shampooing, apply a small amount into palm and evenly distribute into damp hair from root to ends. For optimum results, allow the steam from the shower to penetrate each strand. Leave in for 5 minutes then rinse. After the shower: To use as a leave-in treatment, apply a small amount to damp hair. Then, comb or use fingers to detangle. Style as usual. Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs rinse immediately. For best results use in conjunction with other Maui Moisture products. As good as I look and smell, please do not eat me!”

Back to the Shea Moisture! I’ve only used this product three times so far, but I am in LOVE! (I try to go three days between heat styling.) I have remember a few light sprays go a long way. My hair is so soft and well-behaved! I haven’t had to deal with any more gross buildup. I’ve been able to toss out two “cruelty full” hair products that were both loaded with silicones and other baddies. I get zero sizzling or “smoking” when using my flat iron. I think it has really repaired my ends because once again they look salon straight- you know that look you have right after a really good haircut?  I kept messing with my hair continually amazed by how soft and smooth one product alone can do a better job!

I think Pacifica as a brand is something I LIKE the company more than I actually LIKE the products. I only own(ed) two products – Best Day Ever 10-in-1 BB and Aquarian Gaze mascara. I returned the balm and wish I could return that mascara! I just see it my drawer and groan internally over how tough it is to apply.

Shea Moisture thought? Mai Moisture thoughts? ! I want to own everything!




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