Show ‘n “Tail”: Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes, Dollar Tree DIY, & Room Remodel!

As I’m learning more about makeup application I found I could use a few more brushes! I wanted to be sure I was cruelty free brushes too!I was working with two face brushes, one kabuki brush, and a nice set of eye makeup brushes. I picked out a set of kabuki style brushes and two oval brushes off Amazon. Purchasing SYNTHETIC assured me the brushes were cruelty free. Their usually great brushes too. 😉

Okay, let’s go over the brushes and a little Pinterest DIY after!

full brush flat lay

Clockwise started on the left: flat stippling/kabuki & oval foundation brushes, domed kabuki powder brush, pointed kabuki concealer/highlighter,  (e.l.f.) blush brush,  and an angled domed kabuki bronzer brush

So far I am impressed! They are so dense, fluffy, and super soft on the skin. There has been zero shedding too. I’ve played around with the foundation brushes working out which works best for certain formulations- my liquid foundations work well with the flat kabuki and my bb cream goes on beautifully with the oval brush. I’m finding my powder products are going soo much farther too! I guess my old brushes were trapping or just not picking up much? The rounded concealer brush is a total gem! It blends out under eye concealer very easily without any tugging at the sensitive skin around the eye. It’s been fun fining the way each brush shines the brightest!

…tight quarters…

I did run into one little hiccup with being the owner of five new chunky brushes- my poor little brush cup was jam packed! I saw the cutest Dollar Tree hack on Pinterest ages ago and decided to give it a try!

I filled a wide candle holder with opalescent vase marbles purchased at the Dollar Tree. Isn’t that store crazy tempting? I always can think of reasons I “need” the craziest things there. I stuck my eye brushes and eyeliners in the cup letting the marbles hold them up! Sweet! I was hoping to do the same with my face brushes, but the handles are just too chunky for the size of these marbles. I’m hoping smaller craft pebbles and a wider vase with do the trick!

makeup table
my new makeup table!

Last Show n Tell! I got the coolest surprise this weekend! A ROOM! Huh? My husband suggested I transform an unused bedroom we have into a creative space for myself- a place get away to think and blog, space to spread out and play with all my beautiful makeup, and a BIG Spoonie perk– a space to get out of my bedroom during the day even when I need to rest! I’ve dubbed it my Studio!

pano views of the studio!

left: blogging desk, top right: makeup corner, bottom right: “day bed” w. standing table

Living with chronic illness, I’m always looking for ways to change things up. Often my back pain or chronic fatigue means I spend all my time in my bedroom. But, having my cool new room I have a spot to lounge that’s NOT in my bedroom! Being out of the bed means I have a better chance of a good night sleep. 🙂 It’s so bright and sunny too! I’ve spent all day fussing around with the desks then lunching on ramen and watching YouTube resting in bed. 🙂 I even had a nap. ;p

eating ramen in bed
hey, jeffree!

Love & puppy kisses!


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