Product(s) Review: Nyx Foundations! BB, Liquid, and Powder

This week I got to do a little early birthday shopping  and make my first pilgrimage to Ulta (!) to see the full line Nxy line display. Nyx is probably my favorite cruelty free makeup line! I love their foundations especially. I’d like to look at three styles: bb cream, liquid, and powder.

BB creams were really the product that brought me back into the makeup world!  I had never found a foundation that flattered my skin the way my first bb cream did. After going cruelty free, I had to do some deep digging to find a GOOD cruelty free drugstore bb cream! I came across Cruelty Free Kitty’s article “15 BB Creams From Drugstore to High End”

Nyx BB Cream in Nude
Nyx bb cream

The BEST drugstore bb cream was Nyx BB Cream and the love for Nyx began! I first found it at Target ($12.99), but Ulta ($12.99) and Amazon ($8.54) caries it as well. It comes in three shades- Nude, Natural, and Golden. I have a pale complexion with cool undertones and Nude is a great match. It applied seamlessly with your fingers, damp makeup sponge, or a brush.  It has a bit more coverage than some bb creams yet maintaining the hallmark no makeup skin feeling. If you want more coverage try setting with a powder foundation. (I use Nyx’s-listed below.) BB creams can be used under liquid foundations to deepen your coverage as well. I truly love this bb cream!.


nyx total control bottle
Nyx Total Control Foundation Drops in Porcelain

This foundation is my newest purchase. I’m still playing with it, but I loved it from the first swatch at the store! The drop style application makes coverage classically buildable in form. I haven’t found the “two drops for light, three for medium, and 4 + for full” accurate though strickly because of the problems with application. The foundation blends out and builds up very easily after nailing down the application for my own skin. Since I’m a natural look girl I’m digging the light coverage I can get. Here is a photo of a natural look I did last week. Sorry the white balance is a bit blown out- it was just so SUNNY- and I’m so pale. ;P

Nyx Total Control Foundation, Nyx HD Photo concealer in porcelain, Wet n Wild Coloricon bronzer in Ticket to Brazil, Makeup Revolution “The Matte Blush” in Beloved, e.l.f. Baked Highlight in Moonlight Pearls, and Burt’s Bee’s Tinted Balm in Red Dahlia

I have been messing around with the best application method- other than the $13.99 custom brush they are selling. The product itself isn’t hard to apply- it’s finding out what method works for you. Applying drops directly onto my face and blending with a damp makeup sponge works best for my preferred natural light/sheer coverage look. Adding on a few more drops, brushing them in with a flat kabuki brush AND then a quick smoothing with the damp beauty sponge is my second favorite application method. I tried dispensing the drops right onto both flat kabuki and oval brushes and they just vanished into the depts of the bristles!


nyx powder foundation
Nyx Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation

On days I want decent coverage and don’t feel like messing with liquid foundations,  I pull out Nyx’s Matte But Not Flat powder foundation. They are available at Target for $9.49 or Ulta for $9.99.  The powder is very soft and applies smoothly. It isn’t really dusty and it goes a long way! If I apply the foundation with a powder brush I can get a strong sheer coverage. Using the sponge in the compact I can achieve a more traditional medium coverage. As with all powder foundations, this is NOT dry skin friendly. My skin is on the more dry side of combination and I apply extra moisturizer when I sit down to apply the foundation. My favorite way to use the powder foundation is to set my bb cream. It bumps up the coverage and mattifies the finish. Applying over the bb cream before it totally dries down skirts the dry skin issues. I’ve applied this over pretty much every foundation as a setting powder and it’s always performed great.

And finally what is foundation without a good concealer?

I picked up this, Nyx HD Photo concealer, at the same time as the Total Control foundation and I love it just as much! Thus far I have only used it under my eyes, but with my dark under eyes that’s a job! I’m really impressed with the quality and how it blends out looking very seamless with my foundation. I do set this with the highlight side of Wet n Wild’s Contouring Palette in Dulce De Leche. Love them both!

Nyx product line as a whole has great quality and product diversity. They aren’t the cheapest on the drug store products, but for solid cruelty free standing they rock in my eyes. Have you tried any Nyx products? What is your favorite CF drugstore item?

*This my first blog I did all my own photography!

new nyx


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