Puppy Eyes! Product Review: Drugstore Mascara

Do you have that ONE thing that you just don’t feel put together without? I know a lot of women will say lipstick- mine is mascara. Even on laying around days -read a day ending in a Y- I feel COMPELLED to put on mascara! My favorite look being a lot. A lot of long, strong lashes! I hate any hint of clumpiness, but I don’t just want a dark colored version on my natural lashes. I am blessed with fair long and curly natural lashes so I have that in my favor. 😉

I just purchased a two new mascaras and I figured doing a little show-n-tell on my tiny cruelty free mascara collection might be fun. It might be little, but it is really road tested! *My Wet n Wild tube looks TERRIBLE- I know. Something is wrong with the pink film and it chipped off in a shower of hot pink glitter when I opened it. I KNOW I could have just gone back to exchange it, but I was too impatient and in a few bad pain days to care too much. It’s fine now besides looking like it has mange or something!

Our line up:
*Pacifica Aquarian Gaze water resistant
*Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus Waterproof
*Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volume
*e.l.f. Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing

I am going to judge each brand on
1. Formula: Is it too wet or dry? Does it go on easily or does it take multiple coats?
2. Brush: A brush can make or break a mascara in my eyes (ha). Is it easy to use? Comfortable?Does it’s job efficiently?
3. Wear: Over the day, does it behave itself?! Does it get smudgy or flakey? If it’s water resistant or waterproof how does it react to a light shower? Just for myself, but how does it do during a nap?
4. Clean up: I admit this is really REALLY up to the makeup remover, but I figure since III am using the same one for all four I can give some opinion on the issue. I use- and LOVE- Wet n Wild’s Makeup Remover Micellar Cleansing Water. Highly recommend it!



Pacifica’s Aquarian Gaze, Target $13.99
This is certainly a premium price! I’d been interested in Pacifica’s products and the fact it was water resistant. I bought this when there was a 20% off sale. I do like this mascara- with certain caviats. Let’s look at the score card!

1.Formula: This is a fairly dry formula and takes a bit to buld up the product on your lashes. It’s no difficult- just takes a few extra coats. Even then you get a very natural lash appearance.
2. Blush: Silicone wand with short bristles. I think this brush is a part of why application is difficult. It doesn’t hold much product and honestly the thing is prickly and uncomfortable. One positive is if you slip and touch your eyelid or under the bottom lash line all you get are maybe very small, sparse dots.
3.Wear: Aquarian Gaze is comfortable to wear…unless it starts to flake on you. I haven’t been able to determine why one wear it will flake like crazy and be rock solid the next. The flakes DO just brush away cleanly, but are obviously uncomfortable in the eyes! I have found the it’s is acceptably water resistant and works well when I have teary allergy eyes. I did get some flakiness after a nap.
4. Clean Up: It’s clean up is…weird? It essentially just wipes away on my cotton round in tons of flakes. I does come free from the lashes easily it’s just a bit messy around the eye as you remove it.

Verdict: I actual do like it. I wear it for a very natural look. Would I repurchase this? Nope. Nope. Nope. I’m glad I tried it. I think if your looking for a water resistant formula that will give you a very natural look AND are okay with the price this might be good for you. Maybe.

Wet n Wild MAX Volume Plus Waterproof (Target $4.99)
This mascara is tough to pin down! I HATED it the first day I used it and let it sit for days until I tried it again. When I DID try it- it acted totally different! I was actually happy with the way it came out!

1.Formula: Dry. Like Aquarian Gaze, this formula takes several coats to build up. But it’s brush makes things pretty frustrating.
2. Brush: First things first. I like the shape and don’t mind the short silicon bristles. I HATE the flexibility of the wand! It’s like a wet noodle! You literally have to push your eye into the wand to make any contact. It’s such an ordeal! If you see it though you will have beautifully coated lashes though. I love the tapered brush allowing you to get those outer corners and focus your attention on inner lashes with less mess.
3.Wear: After you get this mascara applied you’re pretty  much golden! I washed my face (carefully) wearing this and saw no smudging and there is no transfer or flaking during the day.
4.Clean up: Easy peasy. Comes off easily with my eye makeup remover and doesn’t make a big mess. It should though- it’s a Wet n Wild makeup remover! 😉

Verdict: I like it and I would buy it again. The wand is the only issue and you need to be ready to get used to use it. If you struggle with applying mascara I might not suggest this particular variety.

Jordana Great Lash Max Volumizer (Walgreens in store only, priced by location $2-4)

1.Formula: This is a very wet formula-which I personally like. I feel like I can really cover all my lashes. You ca apply a second coat but your increasing your clumsiness risk.
2.Brush: Standard spoolie that’s a little bit bushier. I love the combo of wet formula paired with the lash hugging spoolie. It seems to coat every last.
3.Wear: Wear is flawless on my eyes for about 3/4 of the day before it starts getting smudgy under my bottom lash line. It does clean up easily, but who wants to deal with Qtips and eye makeup remover at work? A nap destroyed it! 😦 I’m hoping adding a waterproof topcoat will help.
4. Clean up: Easy, but a little messy if you applied a few coats. Nothing a few more swipes can’t take care of.

Verdict: I’ll say it again. I LOVE this mascara! Full inky black lashes in a snap. And for the price? You’ve got to try it out!

e.l.f. Waterproof Lenghtening & Volumizing Mascara (Target $3)
This is another instant love for me! I was searching out a waterproof formula after my first bad impression with the Wet n Wild Brand. When I found elf had a $3 version I literally threw on some clothes and drove over to Target. I am so glad I did!

1.Formula: Average- not wet, not dry. Coats lashes easily and evenly. It’s not BLACKEST black. but still decently dark. For me it gives me great volume and a nice natural sweep of length.
2.Brush: You can see in the photo it’s like a dense spoolie with a spiral- a bit unique. I found it excellent at coating and separating the lashes.
3.Wear: Is perfect an acceptable answer? I haven’t experienced any flaking or smudging. The ONLY odd thing is it take 5-10 minutes to try down and until then my lashes get tangled up. But! It does resolve itself and I’ve never had it make a mess or affect wear. I’ve showered and napped with this on and had zero smudging.
4.Clean up: Easy. Happily there wasn’t the extra rubbing waterproof usually means and it doesn’t make a big mess on my cheeks.

Verdict: Love. love love. Like the Jordana brand, at the price I almost can’t love it! I’m going to buy a couple to stow away over the weekend actually!

wearing Wet n Wild

So those are the mascaras living in my makeup drawer! What about yours?

left pacifica right wnw gel topped
Pacifica on the left- Wet n Wild on the right (your left, not mine :p)


*Late entry in the “not exactly mascara” category! I was running out of my Nyx brow mascara, but did have $7-$8 to pony up for a new tube. I had an epiphany to marry the Wet n Wild Coloricon brow pencil (in blonde moment) and e.l.f.’s clear brow and eyelash gel.  “Instant” DIY $3 brow gel! Then it dawned on me I could top of my meh mascaras. I love the results! I’m sorry this photo isn’t the best, but on both the Aquarian Gaze and Wet n Wild Max say an increase of length and overall fullness. From meh to nice! in a few swipes!


Love and puppy kisses!


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