Y’all it was a crazy ride to finally be able to show you my ColourPop order! Mostly it’s because I was a bit of a space cadet and typed in the wrong address. Kinda important, huh? Anyways with the help of Super Hero Husband Chris and the glacial speed USPS I got it!!!

Very first impression was props to CP for packaging! I opened a plain boring mailer box to a riot of pink and vintage floral with my palette nestled in sheet foam. Gorgeous! I didn’t know Staycation came in a palatte, but it’s so cool!

I’ve just lip swatched them and gotten a very overall impression in terms ofย lip feelย and color payoff and I’m really looking forward to wearing these “for real”. lol They all were smooth to apply and didn’t tug at the lip like many matte formulations. For matte lip they don’t feel drying. None of that distracting “My lips feel weird. My lips feel weird. My lips feel weird.” background noise. I actually applied it over a THIN layer of lip balm and they still applied totally matte.

The colors are amazing- they are all actual COLORS! No bland “kinda red” here. Don’t take that to mean they are super bold and -well- pushy. No, these little babies are packed with pigment in the best way. Even the neutral shades are beautiful colors in a subtle sneaky way. Here is what ColourPop says about Staycation:


Here are my lip swatches in no particular order. I keep thinking I have a favorite and then I change my lips- and my mind!

Seeing has how this is just a very very firs impression I’m betting I’ll be back with an update some time in the future! Hope they peaked your interest in ColourPop! I’ve already got my eye on a few new lippies, ;X

Love & Puppy Kisses!



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