The Power of Veggies!- on your skin?

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When I started dabbling in makeup I knew I needed to start taking care of my skin on a more deliberate fashion. I’m not talking anything too crazy just something to pamper my super sensitive skin (I’m allergic to Band-Aids!?! How silly is that!) and keep an eye on my mild acne. I am so lucky to have run into my holy grail products right off the bat!  Yes to Carrots (or Cucumbers, Tomatoes, or Blueberries) is an amazing AFFORABLE cruelty free skincare company that makes lines specifically to address common skin complaints. Carrots are for nourishing. Cucumber line is for soothing sensitive skin. Tomatoes line tackles acne prone and/or combination skin. Blueberries work to prevent the common signs of aging.

I have fallen hard for the Yes to Tomatoes and Yes to Cucumbers lines. The YTC calms my  skin calm and the YTT keeps it clear. Yes to Tomatoes uses salicylic acid to treat and prevent acne based around a three product system that also helps balance combination skin. Yes to Cucumbers draws on organic cucumbers, green tea, and chamomile to sooth irritated skin and not dry, tight, burning, or itchy like too many other products do.

After two weeks I saw and amazing difference in my skin! I didn’t even realize a) my skin was so far from my norm or b) had cleared up so beautifully until someone complimented my complexion in a photo I posted on Instagram. It’s amazing to me that “just” something from the aisle of Target gave me these effects!

I’ve had to learn the dance of what product my skin needs and when, but the products I use are pictured below in my daily routine. I LOOKS a little crazy, but it only takes me a few minutes. I purchased all of these at Target and have found they have the most reliable selection for the best price.



Every morning, I use the scrub, treatment lotion, daily balancing moisturizer, and the YTC eye cream. The scrub has 2% salicylic acid to treat the acne and the scrub makes my skin smooth and ready for foundation. The treatment lotion heavy hitter in the acne front with another 1/2% salicylic acid used up to three times daily. The daily moisturizer is important too! It balances out any oiliness and leaves my skin smooth- perfect makeup canvas. Finally, to calm and protect the skin around my eyes I apply YTC calming eye gel.


Midday if I’m not wearing makeup that day, or if I am having an active breakout, I will cleanse my face and/or remove my makeup with YTC’s micellar water, apply the YTT’s treatment lotion, and another dose of YTC’s daily balancing moisturizer.


Wait, wait! Calm down! I KNOW it looks like  ton of products just let me walk you through it. If I’m wearing makeup I remove it with the micellar water. I wash my face with YTC cleansing milk if my skin is clear or the pore scrub if I have having a breakout. Next is a nightly soothing YTC daily moisturizer to let my skin rest for the night. Finally, more eye gel.

And that’s it really- clean, treat, moisturize! And no, I don’t smell like a salad. The YTC just smells wonderfully fresh and YTT smells like brown sugar! I highly recommend giving them a try. They would be an awesome simple care routine for teens with acne. Ugh. Trying not to remember all that terrible Retin-A I used… Anyways! Go get your veggies!

Love & Puppy Kisses!


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