ColourPop Is On Its Way!


Oh, how I love lipstick!- all kinds! Well… except liquid lipstick. I just can’t get the knack. Lipstick can change your whole look in a minute! And if you change your mind you just wipe it off! 

ColourPop is no exception. First and foremost, they are a cruelty free And poorly of it! A lot, but not all- so double check!l, of their products are vegan as well. I’ve been eyeing their lippie stixs for probably years and I finally ordered some this week! They have s full line of makeup and I’m curious to find all about those to when I can. They’re known for their eyeshadows as well. 
I found out they have an amazing kit called “Staycation” – six of their most popular lippies and in a great range of shades. It’s not “drugstore, but at $5 a pop, it should be! Staycation in $25 so essentially you’re getting one free lippie stix! Orders $30 + get free shipping too! I picked one additional $5 lippie -Aquarius- to quality for the free shipping. Why “waste” money on shipping when, in my case, I could spend my shipping cost on another lippie?! 

The current ETA in Monday so be sure to watch out for a full first review!
Love & puppy kissies!



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